Posted by: ceirdwyn | June 28, 2013

Colour in a grey world

Well today has been a strange day. Damp and grey, it’s felt more like October than nearly July! Last night S and I were at  Skipton Girls High School where our youngest starts in September. It was an info evening and there was a lot to take in. The hardest was the fact that she’s old enough for High School! How ever did that happen, surely it’s not that long ago that we were taking her to playgroup. Eldest only has two more weeks before she finishes for summer and then she’ll be in Year 10! Where do the years go?

Youngest has been away at Eskdale, up in the lake district for the past two nights, she left Wednesday morning and came home just now. She’s tired out, but had lots of fun. A chippy tea and an early night is in order I think.

I’ve been working on a Rainbow Ripple Blanket for the past few days, the pattern is here It’s a fantastic blog called Attic24 written by Lucy. She lives in Skipton and posts the most amazing photos, I spend ages trying to work out just where in town she is. I think I’ll get to know Skipton much better over the next seven years as Youngest goes through the school. I’d love to live there, but at the moment we’re stuck in Colne as Eldest goes to Blackburn and Youngest goes to Skipton, Colne puts us nicely in the middle of both.

It’s reading Lucy’s blog that has inspired me to start one of my own. Her ability to find joy in the small things is a great reminder to me, it’s something I need to do too; enjoy what you have, don’t miss it while you pine for what you want.

That’s how the blankets coming on. Not bad to say it’s only the second thing I’ve ever crocheted (the first being a cushion sized trial of the same pattern). Lucy writes such clear instructions and has really helpful photos for every step, it makes it very easy to just go for it. It makes me feel better to see all that colour, I really need it today when everything outside is just miserable. I love looking down and seeing the bag full of colourful yarn waiting to be used. It’s the cheapest of cheap acrylic, seriously £1 a ball and on 3 for 2 at hobbycraft, plus some tiny balls that came free with a magazine. I can’t afford enough of the good stuff to do a full sized blanket, but not to worry, I love the fact that I can make something so big and colourful for so little.

I’ve had lots of ideas in my head, but can’t actually settle to anything, I’ve got tattoo designs to work on, and few acrylic pictures I want to paint, curtains to sew, an art installation to do for the Cousera course I’m doing, a jumper I’m knitting, and the blanket to crochet. There is homebrew to bottle, and some new ones to start, tidying and laundry to do….The list goes on and on and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but hopefully with help from S and the girls, we’ll get a lot done this weekend.


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